25 Fatalities, 331 People Sickened, How Many More People Will Suffer Because Of The Negligence Of The NECC?

When a loved one has died or been diagnosed with a long-term life altering illness, how do we make things right again? Can things ever be made “right again”? How can it be explained to victims and their families that their lives have been ruined by someone else’s greed or carelessness? How can we help them recover what was lost?

An investigation of The New England Compund Center revealed unsanitary conditions, such as standing water and dirty floor mats placed at the doorways of environments that were supposed to be sterile. Some of the more egregious violations included shipping products before determining whether the substances or the containers were sterile and failing to properly maintain their own sterilization equipment.

What was the reason for not following basic safety precautions? Was it GREED, LAZINESS, or a FATAL COMBINATION OF BOTH? We will all stay tuned as the facts develop during the FDA investigation which will likely include interviews of former employees and reviews of email, etc.

What should happen to the owners, the pharmacists, and the distrubtors that caused death, sickness, and pain to fall upon innocent people?

Should they be allowed to continue on with their lives after doing community service and a little jail time or saying, “I’m sorry.”?
A criminal investigation has been proposed. But will charging these people criminally help to rebuild the lives of the injured? No. It will not cover the hospital bills, the lost wages, the on-going cost of the prescriptions. It will not compensate the victims and their families for their suffering. Only a civil action can help a victim or the family of a victim begin to recover their losses.  It is unlikely, in my opinion, that the NECC has enough insurance to cover all of the victims. Therefore, it will be very important to look at all of the potentially negligent and liable parties, to insure that the victim, or his/her family, has the greatest recovery possible, given the circumstances of this very unfortunate incident.

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